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I’m running a low-tech operation here (at the moment). And I’m not asking for donations. Both Bikes to Rwanda and Egan’s Wager are seeking pledges based on my cycling over the course of the year.

Bikes to Rwanda: This is simply a pledge to donate a penny for every kilometer I ride on my road bike in 2011 (check the sidebar for my current totals). No payment up front. In order for me to keep my records current—and also, hopefully, to generate more interest and more pledges—I’d be very grateful for an e-mail at

Egan’s Wager: Same again. An e-mail pledging a contribution to your bet would be great. At the end of the bet, if I win, I’ll come around collecting. Until, then, though: just a pledge.

Pledges can be made from individuals or from groups. I’d like to think both are good and worthy causes. Thanks so much for your interest and support.



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