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November 20, 2011

Today’s Ride: 32km—repeat of Thursday’s ride

Weather: Similar to Thursday’s ride

Following on from the last post that expounded on the trials and tribulations of climbing, I’ve been thinking more about the topography of cycling, and will need to develop that further. Today, though, the ride was monopolized—or, rather, superseded—by time spent at Café Domestique, post-ride. I rolled in for an espresso and biscotti and to meet one of the kind sponsors of my Bikes to Rwanda venture. One of the curious features of the interwebs is making connections with people near and far. Very pleasant meeting and chat in warm and friendly environs. Nice time. Too, half of Dundas seemed to make its way through Domestique this morning, so it was nice to wave and say hello to all manner of folks. A café environment works when it has that buzz that isn’t unsettlingly noisy, but the energy is good and people can come, go, linger, and spend longer than they mean to in impromptu meetings and conversations. All good.

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