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Exploring Woolverton Rd.

June 14, 2012

Today’s Ride: 103km—Burlington, Grimsby, Woolverton Rd.

Weather: Sunny

A new route today, which involved heading out on familiar roads—up Sydenham and Snake Roads—and then cutting back along the lakefront trail, and south/east through Winona and Grimsby to take on Woolverton Rd. The picture to the side is a little misleading. Taken from the bottom, this is the easier half. Around the bend, coming out of the trees, the rider is in the sun and the incline pitches upward. In all, it’s 100m in less than 900m, and the worst of it toward the end. I was definitely at my limit, which could have stemmed from my first time trying the hill or its relatively late stage in the day’s ride. Maybe a bit of both. But that was hard. I’ll definitely have to head back that way again and try the various climbs up that side of the escarpment.

The day’s ride was generally fairly relaxed in its tempo. I rode fairly fast, but didn’t over-extend myself. With a long ride in Vermont scheduled for two weeks from today, I was mainly just turning the crank over rather than trying to push the pace. Putting some distance in the legs rather than training.

The approach to Woolverton Rd. The escarpment at this end seems to be more severe, especially as you get closer…

The view of Lake Ontario from Ridge Rd. If you look very closely, you might be able to make out Toronto in the hazy distance.

Ridge Rd.

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